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EnGenius Innovation
EnGenius is the forerunner in the wireless communications industry. The brand owns the exclusive Long Range and Radio Frequency (RF) technologies; it has demonstrated robust competency in providing solution in the most difficult of scenarios using innovating products and designs over three decades. EnGenius has also won the reputation on being visionary and able to think ahead to redefine the existing perception of ingenious life with concrete insight.
Worldwide “Long Range” Pioneer: From Cordless to Wireless.
Long Range
EnGenius’ outstanding RF technologies deliver the best-in-class performance and coverage; starting from the focus on the Long Range Cordless Phone and transfer the technologies to be utilized in the wireless field.
As the 1st manufacturer to launch dual-band concurrent product ; meanwhile, the company is being nominated as Outdoor Wireless AP/CPE provider by worldwide ISP/WISP. EnGenius was thrilled to lead the communication to be easier.
From Solution Provider to Demand Detector
Easy Setup
Through the long-term partnership with Worldwide Telecom/WISP, EnGenius has been dedicated to improve the configuration with the core idea to make it simple to use. The company migrates the interface and integrates diverse product lines which contribute great efficiency and brings best reliability and compatibility as well.
Ceiling Mount
EnGenius inputs the change to the hardware design. The company introduced the “Long Range Ceiling Mount Access Point” with unprecedented streamlined design in style and with all enhanced features in security, performance and setting. The series delivers outstanding coverage and benefits allowing high user density and reduce multipath symptoms; also creating neat line deployment to the interior decoration
Network Turbine
“Network Turbine Technology” is developed to provide doubled throughput enabling SOHO and Digital Home users to easily fulfill multi-function uses via various devices at one time. The connectivity is backed up with verified wireless security features to be well-practiced in business operation and as a guardian to protect home network.
Seamless Linkage for Intelligent Wireless Future
EnGenius offers feature-rich product and optimum solutions to the SMB networks. It delivers seamlessly multi-operation modes to support diverse critical business networks and covers extended range to maximize mobility to support mission-critical application.
EnGenius’ affordable, easy-to-use Home Wireless Networking solutions provide whole-home coverage and ultra-fast speed to optimize the Digital Home enjoyment of bandwidth-intensive functions in the connected home. The designed appearance also show off personal taste with pleasure.
Music Streaming & Transfering
Secure Connection
One Touch Setup
Wi-Fi Multimedia
With the systemic integration capability, the company is positioned to offer competitive Value-Added products with our EnGenius specialties to cater different scopes among WISP, SMB, SOHO and Home. EnGenius empowers the business user working smarter while SOHO users entertaining daily life easier. Seamless linkage for intelligent wireless life could be expected in the near future.
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EnGenius Innovation
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