ezMaster-Distributed Network Management Solution
NEUTRON - Wireless Management Solution
ELECTRON - Expanded Network Solution
Personal Cloud Solution - The Internet of Things
Industrial Long Range Telecommunication
Wireless N450+AC1300 Outdoor Dual Concurrent AP
450Mbps (2.4GHz) + 1300Mbps (5GHz)
IP68 Waterproof Design
PoE 48V 802.3at Compliant
Wireless N450+AC1300 Multi-Function Dual Concurrent AP
450Mbps (2.4GHz) + 1300Mbps (5GHz)
6x 5dBi Detachable Omni antennas
Wireless AC1750 Outdoor Dual Band Managed AP
450Mbps (2.4GHz) + 1300Mbps (5GHz)
Max.Tx Power: 29dBm (2.4GHz), 29dBm (5GHz)
EnGuardian Kit-HD Wi-Fi Network Camera with IoT Gateway
Faster File Transfers and Smoother Video Streaming
Access EDS1130 Camera with the EnViewer App
5GHz, Long Range Wireless N300 Outdoor CPE
300Mbps (5GHz)
1x Internal 19dBi 5GHz Panel Antenna (Dual Polarization)
Neutron Solution 13. Nov 2015
Data Sheet V 7.0 3679KB
EWS Switch 24. Sep 2015
User Manual V 1.0 8479KB
EWS360AP 31. Mar 2017
Firmware V 3.3.37_c1.8.53 10612KB

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