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Company Overview
EnGenius is the pioneer of Long Range high power wireless solution provider in the telecommunication industry. Stability, sensitivity and penetration capability are our key success factors and competitive edge in achieving customer satisfaction. As a leader of wireless technology, EnGenius stays ahead of the trends and promises to provide high quality products and services to its customers globally. Get connected, get EnGenius.
EnGenius is a manufacturer of long-range wireless communication network equipment in Taiwan. EnGenius features a complete product line for all wireless environments, from enterprise-class wireless communications systems which includes long-range cordless phones, network servers and security products, wireless mesh networking for digital wireless network cities, to end-user wireless network products.
A New Era that Challenges Distance
In the new era of wireless technology, EnGenius uses advanced high-power, high-sensitivity and high-transmission rate technology, transcending the limitations of distance and space. Whether it’s indoor, outdoor or various specialized environments, we maintain clear and stable transmission quality, creating a highly efficiency and smooth communication environment.
A Technological Force that Transcends Boundaries
To ensure world-class quality, every product is examined with strict reliability tests and inspections. All products conform with international quality standards, demonstrating our insistence and promise on quality to customers.
Leading the World toward a Wireless Future
EnGenius is creating a great future connected by wireless technology, helping people cast off the limitations of wired technology, so they can enjoy a convenient, fast, safe and connected life.
Company Overview
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