On-Premises Indoor Access Points

Ultra-Fast and Future Proof

The 11ax advanced Wi-Fi features support the future of mobility. Achieve speeds up to 2.5 Gbps and enhanced MU-MIMO performance for expanded user capacity. Efficiently service crowded locations with Beamforming technology for optimal signal and reception reliability for users.

Optimized Connectivity With Wireless Mesh

Utilize mesh access point mode on select EnSky APs for retrofitting, or enable applications where wire runs are not possible. Mesh's smart sensing technology adds devices quickly, optimizes routes between APs and automatically self-heals network paths when part of your network loses connectivity.

Cloud Managed Indoor Accss Points

Plug & Play Auto Provisioning

Experience the convenience of simple configuration with EnGenius Cloud. All initiate settings can be preset offline and speed up with Cloud mobile app, once connecting to the network, the configuration files will automatically push to your devices and make them work on.

Smart Manage by EnGenius Cloud

EnGenius Cloud is built on top of the most advanced cloud computing technology. It is easy to manage and monitor multiple sites in hierarchy view and with real-time device status and comprehensive features for business needs.

EnTurbo Indoor APs

Turbocharged Performance

EnTurbo's powerful Qualcomm® quad-core processor turbocharges wireless network performance and efficiency, with up to 30% increased throughput compared to 11ac Wave 1 3x3 access points.

Better User Capacity & Signal Reliability

MU-MIMO sends dedicated wireless streams to multiple user devices at the same time, improving network efficiency. Beamforming technology directs and adjusts antenna signal beams, ensuring optimal and reception reliability.

Ceiling-Mount APs

Big Performance, Small Footprint


The 802.11ac Wave2 Access Point delivers blistering speeds up to 30% faster, in a sleek, unobtrusive design. Affordably upgrade and future-proof your wireless network to take advantage of high-definition video and other bandwidth-hungry features.

Increase Capacity & Network Bandwidth

Broaden your network support for more users and devices in environments such as mid-size to large homes, busy multi-floor offices, and other interiors with dual-band 11ac speeds.Improve bandwidth for newer 11ac mobile devices and maintain peak performance for older wireless devices.

Desktop AP/Bridges

Far-Reaching, Detachable 360° Antennas

Indoor APs and Desktop Ethernet Bridges feature strong transmitting power and wide-reaching, detachable omni-directional antennas to minimize interference and provide penetrating long-range coverage through floors, ceilings, and walls.

Versatility for any Operation

Access Point, Client Bridge, WDS AP, Station and Bridge modes broaden device adaptability to your network needs. With five operation modes, these flexible devices offer maximum versatility in your next deployment.