EnShare™ lets you store and retrieve your music, photos,  video and documents to and from an attached hard drive  to your EnGenius IoT Gateway or Intelligent Router  anywhere you go with an Internet connection. 
Introducing EnGuardian from EnGenius —  The powerfully easy way to keep an eye on your  home, your family, your pets or your business —  so you have greater peace of mind.
EnShare also can instantly archive any photos  you take with your iPhone®, iPad® or Android  mobile device or whatever your EnGenius IP  Camera captures. Access your files and media  wherever you are while they’re safe at home.
The EDS1130 Camera lets you set precise zones (like windows and doorways)  within its field of view so that it will start recording any activity or motion within  those designated areas. Each zone can be customized for sensitivity.
With EnTalk™ or EnTalk™ Lite you, your family or your small  business colleagues can make low-cost long-distance and  international calls to anyone in the world. Capable of supporting  up to 10 SIP accounts, small business owners and their teams  can reroute calls from a local area (PSTN) line over the Internet  and turn smartphones into cordless extensions. 
Perfect for families who want to stay  in touch but need to avoid the high  cost of international calling. Ideal  for frequent overseas travelers who  want to minimize roaming charges  from their current telco providers.
Each archived video is device-identified (USB  Hard Drive or SD card) and date and time  stamped for quicker retrieval and playback taking  the guesswork out of finding the specific video  you’re looking for. Also easily take snapshots at  any point during live streams.
The EPG600, a Dual Band IoT Gateway with high performance  Wireless N, Gigabit Ports, a USB Port, and Phone Ports. The EPG600  is part of the EnGenius Personal Cloud IoT (Internet of Things) Solution  and provides a unique cost-saving communication platform for small  business needs by featuring wireless speeds up to 300 Mbps on both  the 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz frequency bands. When used with the free  EnGenius EnTalk app for iPhone or Android smartphones, small  businesses and even families can save  on international and long-distance calls  whenever they have access to  the Internet. The EPG600 is also a  media-sharing platform offering  robust streaming to computers,  tablets and entertainment devices.
How the EPG600 works: Saves on long-distance and  international calls by attaching a PSTN line to the  gateway’s telephone port and after associating up to  ten (10) smartphones to the gateway using the free  EnGenius EnTalk app, small business users or families  and friends can make calls through their local line or  directly via the Internet for conducting long-distance  and international calls. A telephone port on back of  the EPG600 also enables connectivity to a standard  phone or a DECT phone base station.
EnGenius Personal Cloud IoT Solutions are designed to make  your family, your home or your small business more secure;  the way you communicate effortless and less costly;  your music, photos, video and documents safer and quicker  to store and retrieve; and your day-to-day life more efficient —  so you have greater peace of mind.
Monitor your home, vacation home or business from  a Windows-based computer with the EnGenius VMS  application that lets you see up to 16 camera views  at the same time. Need to monitor other  locations? Buy additional EnGuardian  Kits and Cameras.
With your EnGuardian solution you  can use EnViewer and the Camera to see  and speak with caregivers, contractors,  colleagues, house sitters, petsitters,  or employees in your small business.
Monitor your home or activity on your home network  when you’re not at home. Download and upload  video, music and other files to and from your  smartphone, tablet or laptop. Keep track of where  your children are and save on long-distance and  international phone calls. Personal Cloud  has devices and apps for that.
3 Months
The HD720P EDS1130 IP Camera included in your  EnGuardian Kit delivers a high-resolution video  or still images 24/7 because details are important.
1 Month
It’s 10:00 PM. Do you know where your kids are?  Is your spouse stuck in traffic? Need to round up your  family during an emergency? Or need to find out where  everyone is before the party starts? Did your employee  meet the client? Is your catering team running late  to the customer’s house. 
Need to keep a record of where you ran to see if you’re  making progress with your workout? With EnRoute you  can see where your family or your employees are when  they’re away from home or the office and you can store  records of their routes by date and time in an   EnShare-enabled USB hard drive connected to  an EnGenius IoT Gateway or Intelligent Router.
With the EnViewer app you can  digitally zoom into any portion of the  image or video that EnGuardian  captures, up to 4x its original size.
Record to your "Personal Cloud” - your own attached USB hard  drive connected to the USB port on the EnGuardian's  EPG5000 IoT Gateway where your recordings can be  quickly retrieved and keep them as long as you  need them without incurring Internet  storage subscription fees.
Track employees and your deliveries to  customers. Save on phone calls all around  the planet. Monitor your business during  business hours and after you’ve locked your  doors at night. Share media and other files  when you’re traveling on business or away  from the office. EnGenius Personal Cloud  solutions keep your small business humming.
Unlike other home security cameras that rely solely  on cloud storage your EnGenius EnGuardian  Camera continues to archive video to your  connected USB Hard Drive even if your Internet  connection goes down. You can relax now.
Share your videos or active camera monitoring  so others in your family or friends can also see  what’s happening in or around your home —  or other employees can be assigned to  monitor your business.
The EnGuardian Kit provides 3 different ways  to view and record – live video, recorded video, and  snapshots – from your smartphones or computers.
Your EnGenius EnGuardian Kit and the free EnGenius EnViewer™ mobile app lets you monitor your home, your family, or see and speak with caregivers,  or pets any time of the day or night with your smartphone or tablet.
Your EnGenius Camera includes an alarm  that can be enabled via the free EnViewer  app. Use EnViewer to activate your  camera’s alarm settings from your mobile  device to a sound system connected to  the camera. Out of town or at work? Set  up Motion Detection and Audio Alerts to  trigger the audible alarm.
On vacation? At work? Out for dinner and a show? What’s happening on  the home front? With EnViewer™ on your iPhone®, iPad®, or Android™ smartphone or tablet and an EnGenius IP Camera, like the EDS1130  with day/night capability and HD720P resolution, now you can see and  hear if the baby is sleeping soundly, if the babysitter is having a party,  if the dog is on the bed or the cat is climbing the curtains. 
Personal Cloud IoT apps keep you connected in so  many ways. Need to mind the store when you’re at  home or your home when you’re at the store?  Need to make a toll-free international call to  someone? Where are the kids? Where are  your employees? Need that file you made  before you board your flight? We’ve got  an app for that and that and that and that…
Your EnGenius EnGuardian solution is also  at home in your business so you can see if your  customers are being helped, your cash registers  are secure, or if there’s someone at the back  door or loading dock when you’re away.
Something happening at your home, vacation home  or business? Motion Detection and Audio Alerts are  sent directly to your mobile device so you can  respond accordingly.
EnViewer displays up to four camera images at a  time, lets you instantly archive video, programs  your EnGenius IP Camera to send you alerts and  enables two-way communication with a family  member, caregiver or petsitter.
Need to monitor other areas of your home or business?  Your EnGuardian solution supports up to 4 EDS1130  HD720P Cameras from each EPG500 IoT Gateway. Have a  vacation home? With another EnGuardian Kit, you can  keep an eye on that, too and all your EDS1130 Cameras  whether at home, your vacation home or your office can  be grouped together in sets of four in your EnViewer app.