Neutron Series powered by

Wireless Network Management Solution

Today’s networks must be as flexible, robust and effective as the organizations they serve. Often they comprise different buildings, business units, infrastructures, sizes and topologies. These distributed networks can place an enormous burden on in-house IT personnel or managed service providers seeking to install, configure, provision, manage, monitor and upgrade a potentially vast collection of Switches and Access Points.

Fortunately, EnGenius has the answer: the Neutron Series powered by ezMaster.

The ezMaster Network Management Software, together with Neutron WLAN Controller Switches and Managed Access Points (APs), are a fully integrated solution offering breakthrough centralized network management with enterprise-class features, at an incredibly affordable price point— with no licensing or subscription fees.

Distributed Network Management Solution

Complete WLAN Management Solution

EnGenius’ Neutron Series, powered by ezMaster, is a complete WLAN management platform that enables MSPs to easily deploy, monitor, and manage multiple distributed networks, with support for 1,000+ access points and PoE switches and 10,000+ concurrent users, all from a single location.

Lower CAPEX + Lower OPEX = Increased Revenues

EnGenius’ products and solutions offer an industry-leading price-to-performance ratio, delivering enterprise-class performance at affordable price points. EnGenius does NOT charge any licensing or subscription fees to monitor or manage its products or solutions, enabling MSPs to maximize their revenues and grow their businesses. In addition, EnGenius provides a larger front-end discount than the competitors to lower the cost of deployment from the start.

Rich Reporting and Analytics

The EnGenius ezMaster Network Management Software is unparalleled in its ability to provide distributed network visibility in areas such as traffic flow, demand, network topology and more.

Advanced Replacement and Unparalleled Customer Service

To minimize downtime in the event of hardware issues, EnGenius advances replacement units to distributors for provide quick replacements. Whether you have a simple question about a configuration setting or need full-scale network design services, EnGenius offers full system support for our products in your applications. All EnGenius’ Field Application Engineers and Customer Service technicians are CWNA certified.