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Neutron Series powered by

Simplified WLAN Management with ezMaster™

Whether you want to manage a few or 1,000+ APs and Switches on networks in different locations with different sizes and infrastructures—or 10 to 10,000 concurrent users, the EnGenius® ezMaster Network Management Platform makes it easy. How? Through centralized bulk configuration, provisioning and monitoring, a comprehensive at-a-glance network dashboard, rich analytics and reporting, and much more.

If EnGenius® Neutron Series Switches and APs are the brawn, ezMaster is the brain giving you total control over your network, or networks, no matter how diverse or geographically distributed. Deployed on a local or remote server—or in the cloud, ezMaster lowers total operating costs by speeding deployment, configuration and monitoring of an entire network with minimal IT assistance.

The ezMaster Network Management Software, together with Neutron WLAN Controller Switches and Managed Access Points (APs), are a fully integrated solution offering breakthrough centralized network management with enterprise-class features, at an incredibly affordable price point— with no licensing or subscription fees.

The Neutron Series power by ezMaster™ delivers Breakthrough features and Benefits

Rich Reporting and Analytics

The EnGenius® ezMaster Network Management Platform is unparalleled in its ability to provide distributed network visibility in areas such as traffic flow, demand, network topology and more.

> Statistics View provides real-time and historical visibility of traffic flow

> Topology View automatically maps network deployment and displays device relationships

> Floor View allows administrators to upload floor plans and drop AP markers for a visual representative of any network on the system

ezMaster also provides a wealth of intuitive reports showing a multitude of network metrics so that both IT and executive management can instantly see system efficiencies and issues,along with opportunities for improvements and expansion.

Unlimited Flexibility and Scalability

With the EnGenius® Neutron Series ezMaster Network Management Platform, 1,000+ APs and more can be quickly auto-discovered and provisioned. Once your APs are connected to the ezMaster server they are automatically synched to existing project groups, saving you significant time and trouble. One-click individual or bulk configurations and upgrades save even more time.

What’s more, EnGenius Neutron Series Switches, APs and the ezMaster Network Management Platform are designed with an open architecture, ensuring they will work well with any third-party products already in your network, making it easier for your network to grow as your business grows.

Easy Installation, Ease of Use

Neutron Indoor and Outdoor APs are Power-over-Ethernet-enabled (PoE) making them ideal for locations where cabling and trenching are impractical. In addition, our ezMaster Network Management Platform has Auto AP Discover and provisioning features. No more manual work finding and provisioning Access Points.

Because it’s so easy to use, the intuitive ezMaster Network Management Platform will save you significant time, valuable department resources—and serious headaches.

EnGenius® Neutron Series hardware and software has been tested and retested to provide years of reliable performance. So our Neutron Series Distributed Network Management Solution is one you can count on to perform well day after day, year after year—even when the unexpected occurs.

Lower Capital Expenditures, Operating Expenses and Total Cost of Ownership

Many Tier I distributed network management solutions require a licensing fee, plus an annual subscription fee in order to install necessary upgrades. Not the EnGenius Neutron Series featuring ezMaster. Our solution does not require you to pay extra for licensing, software, special features or tech support. You’ll enjoy affordable, predictable costs—and a lower total cost of ownership.

Captive Portal for Corporate-Branded, Regulated Internet Access

Organizations that offer Internet access to patrons or visitors—notably hotels, coffee shops and airports—will appreciate the captive portal capabilities on our Neutron Series, which enables them to capture and regulate Web usage.

Captive Portal supports both an internal and external authentication database, along with customizable splash pages that can be “skinned” with corporate branding elements.

Perfect Flexibility for Managed Services Providers

If you’re a managed services provider (MSP) the EnGenius Neutron Series Distributed Network Management Solution is ideal for you. It lets you easily provision, configure, manage and update networks for all your customers—from a single console and login, regardless of the network size, location, infrastructure, scale and ISP.

You’ll save a tremendous amount of time, travel and costs.

Effortless Band-Steering

When wireless networks experience excessive traffic, users may be inconvenienced by slower file transfers and frequent video buffering—especially on the 2.4 GHz band. But Neutron Series Access Points include a band-steering option that automatically shifts the connection of dual-band client devices to the 5 GHz band where there is less traffic and more available RF channels.

Comprehensive Network & Device Security

Security is on the mind of every IT professional. But rest assured that with the EnGenius Neutron Series Distributed Network Management Solution attacks on the network can be detected quickly, and network hacks avoided, through rogue AP detection, e-mail alerts and real-time wireless invasion monitoring. Also add the capability of working with a back-end authentication database such as a RADIUS server.

Real-Time Roaming

With real-time roaming, employees or visitors can be connected to the network wherever they are on the property. This could include warehouse workers scanning barcode information, executives walking to and from meetings, healthcare professionals capturing patient information on a laptop, or security staff who need uninterrupted video surveillance on their mobile device while en route to an incident.

EnGenius Neutron Series Features

Managed Gigabit PoE+ Capabilities

Auto AP Discover and Provisioning

802.11k/r Fast Roaming

Client Fingerprinting

Comprehensive Security

Rogue AP Detection

Floor Plan and Map Views

Email Alert

Captive Portal

Configure AP Managed VLAN

Dynamic Channel Selection

One-Click Firmware Upgrade

Wireless Coverage Display

Kick/Ban Clients

Controller Event Log


IP Cam Topology

Wired and Wireless Network Management & Reporting